Wednesday, January 21, 2015

My Recent Projects

Custom order requests are a constant source of fascinating projects for me. I'm always interested in hearing from people about what they wish to have and if I can make that wish come true, I'm excited to do it.
I'd like to share a couple of recent ones with you.

Mike  had a custom tenor guitar built by luthier, Gregory Miller, and wanted a custom made strap to match it. The rosette design around the sound hole is very unique, and a style created by Gregory. When I looked at this, I saw both a symmetrical and an asymmetrical element to the design. Each of these had possibilities for a strap design, but which one to choose? I decided to make two straps and let the customer choose. He chose the asymmetrical one and was kind enough to send me the following photos of the strap with guitar.

Here's the second design, which did not get chosen.

From time to time, I get asked to weave a sash for use by a Native American for their regalia and I always am honored to make a piece which has so much importance to it's user. 
This set of sash and garters were just shipped to a customer in Minnesota whose heritage is of the Wampanoag tribe. He selected colors to match his shirt and apron. 

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Birthday Giveaway! Win this Strap!

This strap was woven a couple of weeks ago, inspired by the work  of another New Mexico weaver, Irvin Trujillo. He weaves tapestries in the Chimayo tradition with many innovations. The piece which inspired this strap was a sort of abstract one called "Germantown Moki". Moki  is an old style which most often is characterized by black and blue stripes of equal size. 

When I first posted the picture of this one on my Facebook page, it got a lot of really nice comments. So, I decided that it would be great to make it the object of my January Birthday Giveaway.
Are you a Facebook user? If so, you can go on over to my Facebook page and have a chance at winning it yourself. Here's the link: Birthday Giveaway!

I've outfitted it with swivel clips so that you could attach it to whatever you carry: 
purse? spinning wheel? camera case? laptop? briefcase? gig bag? luggage?
It measures 2" wide and is adjustable from 29" to 51" in length.

Friday, January 9, 2015

A Dozen Plain Weave Pattern Drafts

Recently, I've been doing some fast weaving to build up my inventory of guitar straps.
It is fun for me to line them all up and compare and contrast designs. Hopefully, you will enjoy seeing them, too. The pattern drafts are included so that you can use them to help design your own bands. I ask that you don't copy any EXACTLY, as I assure my customers that these are one of a kind designs. All are 2" wide and mostly use my favorite sport weight cotton. In some cases, heavier or thinner yarns were also used.


In the one above, I experimented with using the yarns doubled to produce a thicker band.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy New Year!

Wishing you all the best in 2015! I have declared it "A Year to Thrive" and wish this for us all.
For me personally, settling into my new place and making my focus on weaving as a sole means of support, has led to many new ideas which I am excited to explore.

Where the magic happens. Thanks to Betsy from the Inkle Weaving group on Facebook
 for being the first guest in the Weaving Room.

Some of my new avenues of exploration are as follows:

Expand my inventory to include straps for more instruments in addition to guitars. Some of these may become available as kits for other weavers. I'm looking for some NM music shops to carry my straps.

Expand inventory and advertise the straps and sashes which I make for historic reenactors.

Find music festivals, fiber arts shows and Mountain Man Rendezvous events to attend! FUN! I've got a list going and it is amazing. I'll have a good time choosing which ones to apply to.

Draw up more patterns to share and collect them into a book along with my other color and design ideas and theories. To see the patterns which I've already published here follow this LINK. Keep an eye out for more to come as soon as I replace the computer cable which got lost in the move!

Ukulele Straps!

I've added a new page on the blog which will help to answer inquiries about what yarns, looms, books, etc. that I recommend. Check it out HERE.

I'll soon be doing my first giveaway on my Facebook page later this month. I hope you are following me there. The above strap was inspired by a woven tapestry from Irvin Trujillo, called "Germantown Moki". Moki patterns are characterized by alternating blue and black stripes of equal size. This is one of the traditional Rio Grande type patterns. The strap will be fitted with swivel clips at each end so it can carry anything it can be clipped to and will be given to a lucky Facebook fan.

Cheers! Annie